10 Tips for ‘lifting’ your team on a Monday morning

Monday mornings are a hodgepodge of enthusiasm, anxiety, or dread. Often we feel like a race horse in the starting gate.

This Monday, make their duties and agenda your Monday morning passion. The people around you feel the same things you feel. Reach them through their feelings.

10 ways to lift your team on a Monday morning:

  1. Go to your team; don’t wait for them to come to you. Try a little MBWA, management by walking around.
  2. Ask your team or colleagues, “What are your work challenges this week? What are your top projects?”
  3. Sit when you enter their space, don’t stand. This doesn’t mean you plan to stay long. It means you’re interested.
  4. Ask how you can help, but make sure you don’t end up with the ‘Monkey’
  5. Tell them where they fit in and what their work means.
  6. Celebrate a past success of theirs.
  7. Acknowledge a talent, skill, or behaviour you appreciate.
  8. Indicate you believe in them. “I’m glad you’re on our team.”
  9. Avoid asking for anything. Pouring into their cup, don’t pour out.
  10. Leave as quickly as you arrived.

Word of warning:

If you haven’t done this before, they’ll wonder if something is wrong. Leave them guessing. Don’t say, “Nothing is wrong.” Just lift them and leave.

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