What is it that separates world class companies from its competition?

How do some companies get the people stuff right and manage to create a high performing team of engaged colleagues working passionately together to pursue a shared vision whilst others struggle?

That’s the focus of this innovative online programme provides a powerful step by step guide designed to help identify what we can do take our teams to breakthrough levels

Key objectives:

  • Understanding 5 fundamentals that drive business excellence and how to apply them to your team.
  • 6 Leadership behaviours guaranteed to build trust and earn respect.
  • 5 strategies that the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ use to create a culturethat delivers exceptional employee engagement and team performance.
  • Understand the 10 key qualities of inspirational leadership that drivesloyalty and ignites performance.
  • Identify the most powerful motivational tool at your disposal and why itcomes for free!
  • Explore a proven model that creates positive accountability only takes the lightest touch by you to maintain success.

This online interactive workshop is packed with loads of practical tips and how to’s sharing what some of the world’s best companies to work for are doing to create high performing teams that can be applied immediately within your team and business.

Programme Duration: 2.5 hours, 9.30am-12.00pm; delivered online.

Who will benefit from attending?
Anyone in a supervisory, team leadership or management position that want to find ways to develop the effectiveness of individuals within their team and raise the teams overall performance.

Price: £255 + VAT per person
Next Available Date: Thursday, 18th April 2024

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