Your job as a manager is to ensure that every member of your team knows what they are expected to deliver; are motivated and engaged to do even the most tedious or challenging tasks; and have the time, knowledge, skills and other resources to do it.

Sometimes this is easy. You ask a person in your team to do something, and they just do it. Sometimes this is more difficult.

What if you give a team member some feedback and they get angry, defensive or upset? What if you can’t motivate someone, however hard you try? What if team members bring your problems to which there is no obvious answer – like a lack of resources?

This programme is about courageous conversations in the workplace. You’ll leave confident in handling the difficult conversations that are essential for building a high performing team where people love to work.

Key objectives

•    How to give feedback in a way that delivers the message and enhances the relationship

•    How to set challenging goals

•    How to be honest with yourself about your team’s performance

•    Why trust matters and four conversations you can have to enhance it with your staff

•    The surprising truth about motivation and tools to motivate and engage your team

•    How to tackle underperformers in a way that produces measurable change

•    Why you need courageous conversations with your high performers, too

•    How to develop people through coaching

Programme Duration:   One day, 9.30am-4.15pm, delivered online.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has responsibility for leading and managing others, including senior leaders, managers, supervisors, as well as recently promoted team leaders and those who have to bring out the best in others through personal feedback, one-on-ones and other tough conversations as part of their role.

If you want to improve productivity, engage and bring out the best in others, this programme contains tools and techniques essential to your leadership success.

Price: £475 + VAT per person
Next Available Date: Wednesday, 22nd March 2023

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