In the past the job of a manager was to make things happen through people they controlled. Today’s managers still have to make things happen but they’re less likely to control directly the people they rely on.

The ability to develop strong productive relationships and influencing results through others are essential skills for anyone to master.

Success at work at any level depends on your ability to establish credibility quickly, communicate persuasively, listen and deal effectively with a variety of different personalities, work smoothly and efficiently with others whilst enlisting their support as well as communicating with impact. We continually work on ways to exert our influence but often fall short.

This innovative workshop draws from the skills many of the world’s best change agents and influencing tools, creating a powerful model for leading behaviour change and becoming an even more powerful influencer.

Key objectives.

  • Identify the high-leverage behaviours that are essential to successful influence- the keys to influence.
  • How to build rapport, influence and sell your ideas to more senior and experienced colleagues and different personality types.
  • How to communicate your ideas effectively by demonstrating competence and confidence.
  • Understand the principles of persuasion. How to negotiate a win-win outcome and gain willing co-operation for your ideas.
  • How to get to know and really understand the other person’s point of view.
  • Understand how to avoid the classic mistakes in persuasion and negotiation.
  • Deal effectively with conflict and develop a greater ability to deal with objections as they arise and think quickly on your feet.
  • How to earn the currency of influence– the principles and behaviours that enable trust and build your credibility.
  • How to listen to truly understand– the 5 levels of listening.

Programme Duration:   One day, 9.30am-4.30pm, delivered online.

Who will benefit from attending?
Anyone in a management or leadership position who needs to develop their communication skills, sell their ideas effectively and develop their ability to influence and persuade others to their way of thinking.

Participant feedback
Very useful. It should be made mandated for managers at all levels.

The programme provides good grounding and tools to support you.

The programme is detailed and comprehensive.

Excellent. Extremely helpful.

Enjoyable and informative.

Excellent. The day flew and was very informative.

Very effective and practical.

Very pertinent and relevant.

Really informative. Really enjoyed the course; not a dry subject as I had pre-empted.

Actually, really good and I will utilise a lot of my learning today and hope to read recommended books.

Thought provoking. Practical techniques which I will definitely use.

Great- would definitely recommend.

A day I will recommend to colleagues.

A great list of tools and techniques which can be used in the working environment to influence others and resolve conflict.

An excellent start for further development.

Well worth attending at whatever level, as you always have someone you need to influence.

A useful introduction to theories around strategic influence.

A very useful and informative course for anyone wanting to develop relationships internal and extend to the department within the trust.

It has been very useful.

Price: £395 + VAT per person
Next Available Date: Tuesday, 14th December 2021

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