Today’s tough business environment demands that we get the best out of ourselves and those around us. This demands certain personal qualities to be effective. We need to be confident, decisive, strong communicators, good with people, able to sell change and coach others to higher levels of productivity.

The Leadership and Personal Excellence Programme is designed to challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone and achieve new levels of performance.

Key Objectives:

  • Leadership Skills.  Develop the qualities that inspire others. Influence, empower and coach others to higher levels of performance.
  • Communication Skills.  Sell my ideas more effectively. Develop my listening skills to better understand other people’s perspectives. Strengthen my presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Flexibility. Lead change. Develop greater flexibility. Create opportunities, implement new ways of working.  Improve your focus, attention and memory.
  • Interpersonal Skills.  Deal more effectively with a diversity of people.  Build stronger business relationships, motivate and lead others more effectively.
  • Performance Coaching. Raise the bar for my team self. Recognise under performance and take positive steps to coach higher levels of productivity. Implement new ways of working. 
  • Team-Building.  Build a high productive team around me.  Set goals and encourage productivity and performance improvements.
  • Positive Attitude & Enthusiasm.  Be an inspiration to others.  Operate at peak performance.  Set and accomplish goals – change intentions into commitments.  Form new plans of action.  Know how to control your attitude and stay positive.
  • Manage Time, Pressure and Stress.  Stay focussed and productive under pressure. Maintain the correct balance between work and home. Learn how to respond when pressure turns to stress.
  • Expand Your Comfort Zone.  Develop more poise, self-belief and self-confidence, particularly under pressure and in new situations.  Develop more of your personal potential. Unlock the talents that lie within you and reach new levels of performance.

Programme Duration: One 4 hour meeting each week for 7 weeks.

Participants and their line manager are personally interviewed prior to the programme in order that specific and measurable behaviour and skill development objectives are documented. Feedback and ongoing evaluation is maintained throughout the project against the agreed development objectives.

Post programme coaching and support is available.

Participant Feedback

‘’This was a brilliant course, providing me with many strategies and tips on improving my leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.  As a result I am more confident and enthusiastic, better able to cope with the challenges that my work offers and relate to fellow staff’’.  
Blake Solly, Director of Licensing and Standards, Rugby Football League RFL

“This leadership course has been the single most influential programme of self improvement I have ever had the good fortune to attend.”
Richard Jackson, Operations Manager, 490 Ltd.

“I have learned more on this programme than any other that I have attended in my career’’.
Tommy Brown, Factory Manager, Seabrook Crisps.

“Do you have a little voice in your head saying “if only I could do that” if yes then this is the programme for you, but be prepared to stretch your comfort zone way further than you ever thought possible.”.
Simon Lundy, Owner, Spot On Solutions

“An inspiring and thought provoking course that will undoubtedly continue to deliver benefits from both a personal and business perspective”.
Neil Hirst, Contact Centre Manager, Damart Ltd.

‘’I honestly believe that completing the Leadership Personal Excellence Programme with PDG has brought out the best in me as a Manager, it has helped me build relationships, get the most from my team, and delegate effectively.  I feel the course has unlocked my potential to being an exceptional Manager and Coach.’’
Thank you Lena and Michael
Lindsey Skelton, Site Manager, Tankred, Yorwaste Ltd

“This programme helps you to focus and identify areas of your work and personal life (some of which you know about and some you realise along the way) that need addressing to bring about change and improvement for the benefit of oneself and those around you.”
Adele Suffield, Site Procurement Manager, Firmenich UK Ltd.

Price: £1550 + VAT per person
Next Available Date: TBC

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