Stepping into management or leadership role for the first time can be both a rewarding and challenging event.

This hands-on programme helps newly promoted managers and leaders to develop the core skills and competencies to make this transition an effective and smooth one.

The programme provides you with a foundation in effective management processes and leadership strategies.

It will enable you to communicate your ideas effectively to your team, recognise the qualities of effective leadership, build flexibility into your management and leadership style, coach your team to higher levels of productivity, build a positive motivational environment around you and motivate and empower others to create a positive place to work.

Key Objectives:

  • Understand senior management’s expectations of you as well as your peers and colleagues.
  • Develop a leadership style that builds trust and earns your team’s respect.
  • Understand what it takes to build a powerful and motivational work environment.
  • Coach your team to higher levels of productivity through effective feedback, one-on-one conversations and constructive criticism. 
  • Delegation and empowerment. Understand the process of delegation and how to create accountability and ownership with a proven seven step approach.
  • Communication. Understand how to adapt and adjust to the various personality styles of our colleagues to ensure we communicate effectively.
  • Plan and lead more effective team meetings. Know how to tap into the ideas and creative potential of those around me encouraging them to take ownership and be more confident in solving problems for themselves.
  • Team building. Build a high productive team around me.  Understand what it takes to create and build a high-performance team culture.
  • Expand Your Comfort Zone.  Develop more poise, self-belief and self-confidence, particularly under pressure and in new situations.  Develop your personal potential and reach new levels of performance.

Programme Duration: Three half days, 9.30am-1.00pm, spread over 3 weeks, delivered online.

Who should attend?
Anyone in a leadership role who wants to evaluate and benchmark their leadership effectiveness. People who have recently moved into or are about to be promoted into a leadership or management position for the first time.

Participant feedback

Excellent course content, with detailed handouts and presentations.

A very informative course that makes you think about simple things to help achieve a better working environment.

Great session brilliantly delivered.

Having not really managed before – but even if you have this course is invaluable!

Really valuable learning that will help me in my future.

Useful and an eye-opener. It also reaffirmed some of the values and beliefs I know are good and I should do more of.

Reassuring, informative, well structured, and educational.

Very informative, there are many helpful tips and suggestions about effective leadership that can be used to develop a high performing team.

Really good on how to work well at your workplace. It will help you get the best out of you and your team.

Really useful in helping new managers understand their role as the head of the team.

A good refresher to previous learning. Resources are very welcome as a reminder after the course.

Informative, fun and well executed.

Really informative and helped me to understand parts of being a leader a lot better.

Very enjoyable and well set out with the small group works.

Very helpful for new managers.

A great taster to get you thinking about different leadership styles and the components of good leadership.


Excellent course materials!

Really informative and thought provoking.

Really helpful in providing principles for encouraging a team.

Price: £590 + VAT per person
Next Available Date: Tuesday, 11th January 2022

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