This High Impact Business Presentations programme is designed for business professionals who have a grasp of the basic techniques and are looking to take their ability to a higher level of performance.  Presentations are recorded on video and reviewed privately.  Participants learn how to understand their audience and prepare effectively for whatever situation the may have to confront. Each participant is given confidential honest objective feedback on the true impact that they are creating and are coached for improved performance.

The programme is appropriate for people who need to enhance their professional image, anyone who presents at board level, people who want to become more persuasive and sell their ideas effectively, technical people who need to make complex ideas more clearly understood, anyone who must handle questions or respond to very pointed enquiries and teams from organisations that tender, short list and gain business based on final presentation.

Key Objectives:

  • Presentation Technique. How to project a more professional image in strategic situations. Get a more consistent positive reaction from an audience. How to highlight key points/issues. Develop more ability to persuade others.
  • Clarity of Expression. Develop clarity and concise expression. How to win the audience over. Break complex material down to its simplest form. Learn to illustrate and clarify points. How to organise the structure and flow of a presentation.
  • Personal Presence. How to understand and capitalise on group dynamics.  Learn how others perceive us. Using voice modulation, pacing, and tempo to maintain a high level of interest.  Excite others to action. Project self-assurance. 
  • Sell Ideas.  Learn strategy of presenting solutions. How to handle and diffuse challenging questions. Ways to ask for action/decision. Respond quickly and succinctly under pressure. Technique of dealing with an open antagonist whilst maintaining control.
  • Freedom of Expression. Becoming more comfortable thinking on my feet. Say what I think without causing resentment. Add more excitement to my personality. Reduce intimidation. Disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Confidence & Attitude Control. A greater belief in myself and my ability. Take control in pressurised situations. Minimise my apprehension through effective preparation and delivery. Become a more flexible communicator.

Programme Duration: Two consecutive days, 9.00 am –5.00 pm each day.

Participants and their line manager are personally interviewed prior to the programme in order that specific and measurable behaviour and skill development objectives are documented. Feedback and ongoing evaluation is maintained throughout the project against the agreed development objectives.

Post programme coaching and support is available.


“As a professional speaker interested in self development I attended the course with a small amount of scepticism. From the constant video feedback and coaching I have raised my game in terms of delivery, skill but most importantly ‘Belief’”.
Deirdre Bounds, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.

“Excellent and challenging. Priceless. A stimulating team of participants and course leaders. Great professional development. A true opportunity for growth”.
Alex Marr, Managing Director, Andrew Marr International Ltd.

‘Dragons Den is a fantastic experience and one I wouldn’t have missed for the world.  The journey of turning an initial ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’ for being accepted for the show and the actual filming was physically, mentally and emotionally challenging, as well as extremely exciting!

The coaching I received from the PDG team really helped get me in the right frame of mind and put together a presentation that brought on board two of the dragons. Thanks for putting us on the right path’
Richard Enion, Owner BassToneSlap, BBCTV ‘Dragons Den’

“I generally err on the side of being critical, but I rate this 10/10 in every aspect. This course exceeded my expectations in both the guidance received and the ability to stretch myself. Excellent…Thank you”.
Lucinda Ledgerwood, Business Coach and Finalist BBCTV ‘The Apprentice’.

“Exceedingly good course. Did more than it said it would do on the tin. Well worth going on it. Be prepared to be challenged”.
Matthew Hansard, Head of Trading Information, Morrison’s PLC.

“It is extremely refreshing to go on a course which is not the same as everything else. It truly feels that the input and challenges has been put in by the attendees with the guidance from the trainers. It takes you outside your comfort zone and surprisingly it’s a better place!”.
Alex Johnson, Commercial Development Manager, Teva UK Ltd.

“A journey worth taking. People will change before your eyes! I’ve been on lots of development events but none as transformational as this”.
Wayne Lugton, Deputy Director of Finance, NHS Sheffield.

“Thank you for a brilliant course. It was certainly one of the best I’ve been on in both the respect of learning something and having a great time too! I know I will be much more inclined towards presenting than I ever envisaged previously.”
Paula Rawding, General Manager, Woodlands MS Centre.

“Excellent. I feel I’ve had a moment of change that I have been waiting for professionally”.
Carol-Anne Ward, Senior Account Manager, Born+Raised

Price: £1295 + VAT per person
Next Available Date: TBC

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